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Boost Evo™ Quartz Atomizer

  • Compatible with the Boost Evo

Boost Evo™ Quick Connect Adapter Eclipse Black

  • Snap on, snap off
  • Only Compatible with the Boost Evo

Switch Bubble Cap

The Switch™ Bubble Carb Cap is the perfect entry-level upgrade if you’re looking to expand your carb cap collection. Giving the

Switch Whip Attachment

  • 1x Whip Attachment
  • 1x 14mm Male Adapter
  • 1x 10mm Male Adapter
  • 1x 600mm Food Grade Silicone Hose

Switch™ Battery Pack

  • Replacement battery pack for the Dr. Dabber Switch™

Switch™ Charging Cable and Adapter

Plugin Your Switch™ To Keep The Session Going With The Convenience Of Pass-Through Charging. The Charger Comes With a Power

Switch™ Silicone Base

The Switch™ Silicone Base is the perfect dab station for all Switch™ users. Made entirely from platinum-cured silicone, the highest

Switch™ Silicone Packs Ice

A variety of three Carb Cap seals, three Induction Cup Tweezer tips, and three Glass Attachment Seals, now conveniently designed with

XS Replacement E-Chamber

  • Replacement e-Chamber for the Dr. Dabber XS™.
  • Utilizing a unique quartz dish and a beautiful knurling finish,
*this heating element is built to last. Only compatible with XS™.